We specialize in conducting efficient car loan procedures.

Let us handle the paperwork for you.


Auto Loans

We provide customers with loans from major banks, finance companies, and in-house financing.

Auto Insurance

We offer insurance services applications and money returns.


All final paperwork will be managed by us.

Auto Ownership Hand Over

We ensure a smooth consignment procedure for you.

“Is your good old car reaching 10 Years Old In 2-3 months?

Ready to commit yourself for a 100% COE loan without paying
any downpayment for another 5/10 Years Renewal?

Let SGCarConsign help you go the distance.”

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Already selected your ideal loan provider?

Fill in their details correctly and we’ll handle the rest.


Download the Sales Agreement and other essential documents for a direct buyer and seller deal

Why SgCar Consign?


Assistance Provided


We’ll help you throughout the entire loaning procedure.


Quick and Easy


Our expertise ensures an uncomplicated loaning process.




Our loan rates are constantly being updated to provide accuracy.


Assist in Resolving Outstanding Fees


We wil settle all outstanding loans and finances of the seller before transferring the car to the buyer.

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