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when you renew your car insurance with us!


SGCARCONSIGN provides quotations from at least 6 major insurance companies to make sure you get the best insurance coverage and premium for your car.

How we help you save!


1. Fill in your details

We will then look for the most suitable insurance quotation for you from our trusted auto insurers.


2. Get your estimated price

Receive up to at least 5 quotations within 24 hours. You will then receive further instructions from our staff.


3. Select your preferred option

Enjoy 30% off on your insurance!

Receive 30% when you insure with us!

We offer a selection of quotations for you to choose from

To guarantee you get the best coverage, allow us to advise on which quotation best suits you.

Service for your benefit

If you wish to renew again, we'll be ready with a new set of quotations for comparison.

Hassle-free transaction

Sit back and relax while we settle everything for you, regardless of whether you're the buyer or seller.

Refund available

Our services are refundable, should you decide to cancel.

Compensation assistance

Includes protection of your NCD (no claims discount).

Insurance claim in a car accident

Make sure to contact SGCARCONSIGN within 24 hours of your accident.

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