What price should I expect for my vehicle?

Under our consignment plans, we are normally able to achieve at least $2000/- or 5% more than prices offered by car dealers. In some cases, depending on the make and model of your car, we were able to achieve $4000-$5000 or 10% more.

Why do I not sell the car myself and save on the transactional cost I have to pay by consignment?


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What are the chances of selling through consignment?

The chances of selling thru consignment are extremely high because we put our maximum concentration and effort in doing so as this is our full time job. We only limit ourselves to a certain number of cars so that we could fully concentrate.

What if I can't sell my car through consignment?

There will be buyers for your car no matter the model or condition. The only deciding factor will be the price. In some cases whereby the car is too exotic or rare, time will be the other deciding factor. These cars would normally take a little longer than usual as the number of buyers for these cars are few and will take a little more time for them to consider.

How does the trade in at new car dealership work?

When you purchase a new car, and sell off your existing car, your existing car will be termed as a trade in car. When you approach a sales executive at most new car dealership and ask about your trade in price of your vehicle, they will call a few used car dealers and get you a quotation for it. This is NOT a free service. The used car dealer will typically have to pay a commission of $200 onwards to the sales executive for every successful transaction. This amount naturally comes off the amount they offer for your car. Besides that, some new car dealerships charge a monthly fee to used car dealers who wish to buy in trade-in cars through them. Again, this fee will come off the amount offered for your trade-in vehicle. The used car dealer is also not a direct buyer and, therefore has to offer you a price that is low enough such that he can make a profit. With so many middlemen in between, you would definitely not get a good value of your car.

Why do I not just trade in my car for a brand new car?

With our consignment plans, you would definitely get a better price for your car while awaiting the arrival of your new car. If we do not sell your car by the time of the delivery of your new car, we can buy outright from you at the trade in price offered to you previously at the new car showroom. In this way, you are in the most advantageous position.

Do I have to leave my vehicle behind and not get to use it?

You may choose to leave your vehicle at our showroom for display, or choose not to do so. If you do not leave your vehicle at our showroom, we will arrange for appointments with interested buyers to view your vehicle.

What are the benefits if I leave my car for sale at the showroom?

By leaving your vehicle in our showroom, the physical appearance of your car would be much more convenient for interested buyers to view the car. The chances of closing the sale at the desired price will also be higher.

How will my car be taken care of in the showroom?

Your car will be groomed to showroom condition and we will take care of it. Your car will only be driven only when there is a test drive or when your car needs restoration works. We will be totally responsible for your car whilst it is in our showroom.

What if I can find my own buyer for my car?

In case you find a buyer for your car through your own contact network, you can wait for our agreement to end before transferring your car to the buyer. There will be no charges this way. Alternatively, we can perform all the transactional procedures (transfer, finance and insurance) for you and the buyer for an administrative charge of $250.

What is the procedure if a buyer who can match my price is found?

When a buyer who can match your asking price is found, we will inform you and collect a deposit from the buyer. All the transactional jobs will be done after the handing over of your car.

What do I do if my car has many small dents and scratches, and does not look presentable for sale?

If your vehicle has some minor flaws, you can choose to send it to our appointed workshop for repairs before the sale. Alternatively, you may choose not to do anything about it. In this case, your asking price and the chances of sale might be lower.

I just renewed my insurance and road tax for my existing car. Will I get a refund?

Once you get a buyer for your vehicle, you can terminate your insurance for the buyer to take over from there. However, the road tax will not be refunded and should be factored into the selling price.

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