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SGCARCONSIGN.com.sg is a car consignment plan which connects direct car sellers to direct car buyers. It is true to say that 95% of the car transactions in Singapore are done by car dealers but we are the opposite party transacting 95% of our car transaction by direct car owners. We had been consigning direct owner’s cars since 1996 and this had proved to be very beneficial to the direct car seller, direct car buyer and ourselves.

Why is it so beneficial to three parties?

Under the car consignment plan, the buyers are actually buying directly from the sellers with our professional assistance. Buying from a direct seller means you are paying a lower price than the car dealer’s selling price and selling to a direct buyer means that you can achieve a higher price than the car dealers buy/trade in price. As for us, we only charge a small amount of commission only when you sell off your car at the price you want. Therefore, it is a three way beneficial plan.


Buying and selling direct can be tedious and time consuming due to much documentation like loan settlements, transfer of ownerships, loan financing and etc. Because we are representing both the sellers and buyers, we save you the hassles by providing these services for the whole process. You just need to sit back and relax while everything is done by us.


We had been in this car trade since 1996 and throughout these years, we understand the needs of car buyers and sellers. We also have the patience, time, expertise and dedicated focus on this kind of car transaction.


Today, car buyers and sellers are well informed and knowledgeable. Only a beneficial deal could generate trust and confidence in a sale like this. Why not give us a call today; we will definitely save your hassles with more benefits.


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